Pink Alice in Wonderland By M Book Clutch


Your Unique By M. Book Clutch

Each By M. book clutch is one-of-a-kind, with the customer’s wishes handcrafted into reality. Recreate a treasured book for yourself or offer a unique gift to someone special.

We provide a fully personalised service and we love to help our customers create their own work of art and bring their creativity to life. We hope you enjoy this experience!

Each bespoke By M. book-clutch is entirely made-to-order. In the steps below, we will guide you through selecting the features of your unique book-clutch: from choosing your favourite book title to the name of the book owner on the back of the book clutch.

We want the final work to be a joint production between you and our team of artisans in Naples.

Alternatively, if you’d like to skip these steps and discuss an order with us, please complete our contact form and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly. You can also visit our shop for more samples of our work.


To create your unique, personalized edition, we will guide you through completing a form with eight steps.
Scroll down to see our three editions, where you can combine different types and colors of leathers and fabrics.
To start off, you have to first choose one of the three editions below.
 To help you choose your edition and your colour, have a look at the photos below to see a few examples of previous, custom-made clutches for our clients.
The edition you choose determines the available colors, materials and sets the right price of your book-clutch.
After choosing the edition, click on the buttons Create or Personalize below to customize your desired edition and fill in the steps that follow:


Traditional Leather Edition

Starting from £420 (full personalisation included)

The colours of our traditional book clutch collection are the typical colors associated with the leather-bound books of past centuries: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Burgundy and Dark Green – the colours of the bookbinding tradition.


Limited Leather Edition

Starting from £450 (full personalisation included)

The colours in the limited edition belong to the fashion world. You can choose from the following colours: Pink, Orange, White Parchment, Gold and Purple.


Luxury Mixed Material Editions

Starting from £435-£495 (full personalisation included)

We now also offer a luxury edition in two colours and mixed materials. You can choose your favourite combination for more colours and a new tactile sensation from: Mixed Summer Linen, Suedes, Animal Print.

Fabric Editions

Starting from £435 (full personalisation included)

Suedes Collection

Starting from £445 (full personalisation included)

Animal Print Collection

Starting from £495 (full personalisation included)